Our Mission Statement: We are persistent in the mindset that follows Japanese 'Suki' which is aesthetic adventure beyond conventional standards. Our approach to the design and treatment of exterior spaces entails the use of unique and exotic materials in creative and unexpected ways. We encourage the thoughtful use of spatial relationships within our surroundings that make a space easily navigable and intriguing to be in. The environments that we create involve the adaptation of plant materials into a rich tapestry of textures and surfaces along with the deliberate and creative placement of rocks, sand, gravel, water, grasses and branches. The result is a poetic landscape, a contemplative space where the visitor can experience the senses through light and dark shadows, trickling sounds of water and wind rushing through thick brush, crunch of gravel walkways under foot, mounded and hollowed out earth, sculptured branches, tall and short, forests of stalky plants and possibly something unexpected, a curiosity in the form of sculpture perhaps in metal or glass or made organically by nature itself. The landscape is complete and the visitor comes to the realization that the space once imagined may have been achieved unconventionally but invokes a tranquil simplicity.